Politics of Remembrance and the Transition of Public Spaces (POREM)

Our research project "Politics of Remembrance and the Transition of Public Spaces. A Political and Social Analysis of Vienna" (POREM) investigated social and political processes and practices that have shaped and transformed public spaces of remembrance in Vienna during the last two decades.

The investigation’s thematic focus was on symbolic representations of political violence during the time of Austro-Fascism and National Socialism. The project was funded by the Vienna Science and Technology Fund WWTF and the National Fund of the Republic of Austria for Victims of National Socialism.

ICA Map Award 2019 for www.porem.wien

Exlpore our digital map https://www.porem.wien we produced together with Tina Frank, Christoph Fink and Ramon Bauer. The map was presented at the International Cartographic Exhibition in Tokyo (15th-20th July 2019) where it won the International Cartographic Asssociation Map Award in the category "Digital Products". Watch the video presentation on Tina Frank's vimeo-channel.

Explore our "Karte der Erinnerung" with descriptions and photos of all memorials (1945-2017).

On the societal impact of the project, see Kampf um Erinnerungen.

POREM research team:

Walter Manoschek (Principal Investigator), Peter Pirker (Co-Principal Investigator), Magnus Koch, Johannes Kramer, Mathias Lichtenwagner, Monika Palmberger, Philipp Rode, Eva Schwab.